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Garage door failing to operate: Possibly the most common garage door issue. If your garage door fails to open, the possible cause is a dead battery in your remote, so be sure to first check to confirm that the wall socket is working before replacing your remote battery. Should the issue persist; a troubleshooting process should be carried out. Troubleshooting involves checking the correct functioning of the opener as well as the motor before proceeding to find out if the sensor is blocked or a cable is detached.

Our technicians are well trained to take you through an easy step-by-step procedure and should the problem turn out to be more complicated, we will send one of them out to come and assist you fix the problem. Another common problem is garage door getting stuck: the most probable cause is either the rail or close limit switch. If it does not close fully but goes back into open position, there is a possibility an object is obstructing the path of sensors of your garage door opener or the sensors’ photo eye is misaligned.

One way to fix is to release it from the opener and find out if the problem exists when you operate it manually. Clear any obstruction in the rails, if any. If this does not fix the problem, call us-Phone: (301) 882-5888-for help. Other common problems include rust at the bottom of garage doors, caused by chemical splatter driveway cleaners or salt utilized to melt snow and ice during the winter. To eradicate these causative agents, clean garage doors using water and soap so as to eliminate debris that accumulate on garage door exteriors. If, on the other hand, your garage door makes a grinding noise as it closes and opens, garage door maintenance task is probably all your need.

The maintenance involves lubricating the chains and tightening nuts and bolts. Note though that an object stuck within the rail section of your garage door or a section of the rail that is out of balance can also cause the grinding noise. Whichever the case, our technicians can easily fix the problem relatively quickly. Since this is a process that needs to be carried out from time to time, you do not have to divert from your busyness.

Simply give us a call and we will organize for a technician to be coming over from time to time see into it that your garage door is always well maintained. Another common garage door repair services is a frayed garage door cable. You are strongly discouraged from attempting to repair, remove or even adjust either the spring or cable. Our technicians have been given the necessary training and certifications to handle such risky developments.

A high spring tension has the capability of causing serious injury or even death. Stay safe. Get in touch with our professional garage door installers who will fix it with the right gear on and all following the safety precautions.

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